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Our Ascend T.R.U.T.H. Junior Pioneers Program is a Movement.

The T.R.U.T.H. Junior Pioneers elementary program (grades 2nd-6th) serves as a true force of nature in the world of adolescent development through mentorship and the strengthening of mental health deficiencies.

This movement is: Built for the Youth, Led by the Youth and Provide Services for the Youth of Pontiac. We also serve in our community wherever needed.

Some of the Program Activities We Have Accomplished:

  • Collaborations with local agencies and institutions.

  • Helped organize and execute community support give aways with the Ascend Foundation: Backpack Giveaway, Christmas In November, and Adopt a Family. ​

  •  Establish partnerships with local schools, churches, community organizations.

On the Horizon - Future Impacts

  • “Preparing for the future”

    • Junior Intern Program - students shadow local community members for career exposure. (5th-6th graders)

    • Saving for your Future - Financial literacy training-teaching students the value of saving money and managing money properly.

  • “Kids Health” - Teaching students how to eat healthy, stay active, and have a healthy mind.

  • Exposure to the Arts/Art Therapy - Introduce and provide children with nontraditional methods of learning how to cope with life challenges.

  • Social Media Education - Staying safe on the internet and establishing safe boundaries.



To develop and mold adolescent minds to reach their full potential while creating change in our community by raising awareness, addressing the problem, and being a part of the solution.



To create and strengthen young leaders within our community through mental awareness, life skills, and developed respect through mentorship so they can lead productive, impactful lives.

The Ascend Foundation
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