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The Ascend Foundation
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These are programs that we do throughout the year to give back to: Families in need, Homeless Community and our Senior Citizens Community.


Paying It Forward For the Holidays/Mission To Feed 3,000


In 2013, the Ascend Foundation created a 5 Part Initiative for the holidays called: PAYING IT FORWARD FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!

Phase 1:

Adopt 63 Families In Dire Need. These are families that have been identified through the Department of Human Services, various schools and churches, that have a drastic need. We supply these families with a week and a half worth of groceries as well as take a holiday gift wish list and strive hard to supply these whole families with the items they humbly request. 

Phase 2:

Adopt The Children In Need At A Given Elementary School. This is the Foundation looking to adopt a school in a low income area that have children lacking the bare necessities (coats, hats, shoes, soap, socks, etc.).

Phase 3:

Adopt 2 Daycare Centers in need and its children. We adopt a daycare that has gone far and beyond to make provisions for families that have the hardest time paying for their discounted services.


Phase 4:

Adopt 4 Homeless Family Shelters because of our continued interaction with the homeless community, we have been able to identify various shelters throughout the year that need an extra boost for the holiday season. We extend that hand with clothes and supplies.

Phase 5:

Mission to Feed 3,000 of Our Homeless Community In Oakland, Wayne, Genessee, and Macomb County. This project started out with us pulling multiple communities and resources together to feed 1,200 of our HOMELESS COMMUNITY and it has grown to 3,000 meals and care packages as of this year!!! 

The program and the need keep growing exponentially. The cost of this program grows with the need. Mission to Feed 3,000 is the exclamation mark to our whole end of the year project of giving. This project entails pulling together over 400 volunteers that work HARD to put together all 3,000 packages which consist of close to $24,000 worth of food and supplies.

Adopt 20: Thanksgiving Blessing Program


Times are hard for so many during the holiday season. There are a lot of good people that are just looking to be able to put a good meal on the table for their family starting with Thanksgiving Day. In 2013, the Ascend Foundation along with the NPG Foundation decided to come together to adopt 10 families that were in DIRE NEED of a BLESSING to give them the best Thanksgiving Package Imaginable!!! We worked directly with the Department of Human Services to identify these families in need. Once we got the names of those families, we went to work by raising money and collecting donations to put together 10 packages. These packages provide these families with enough food to keep them fed for 2 weeks with a HIGH QUALITY MEAL!!!

There was all top of the line name brand food that graced these packages. We then come together with about 50 volunteers to put the packages together. The next day we head out to deliver them all. This program is always a tear jerker. Times can be trying and it is these moments where good people with even bigger hearts have to step up and PAY IT FORWARD!!!


These packages are then dispatched out to all of our homeless population and designations in various areas where the homeless migrate to keep warm and exist!!! As a Foundation we like to incorporate a unified alliance with various organizations to show community unity in fulfilling this lofty objective and we are proud to do it.


The Power of Giving: Homeless Initiative


This program stemmed from our Mission to Feed 3,000 of our homeless community. We have done that program for 3 years now and it has truly served to be a blessing. We have decided that the need to help our homeless stems far beyond the holiday season. We have

decided to do a QUARTERLY initiative to create 1,000 care packages to be delivered to the homeless within Oakland and Wayne County. We achieve this by raising funds to provide them with a good meal and a package filled with the necessities for hygiene (toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, etc.) 

We will come together with volunteers every 3 months to put these packages in place and a team assembled to dispatch them to various locations. We also have made this project a child giving back to the community initiative. We are taking children that are being mentored underneath our various programs and empowering them to get involved and work to make these packages a reality.

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