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This program was created to open up a dynamic that keeps getting widely overlooked within the educational structure. We as an organization found that we have children that have indicated that a 4 year institution is not their first interest or desire. It was made blatantly obvious that districts were not adequately preparing children for life after graduation. That was because they didn’t have the true experts in front of these children to discuss ALL of their potential professional options.

After being approached by and sitting down with various district leaders and city leaders, it helped to serve as a motivational force to create this program to attack this void. Trades University is geared to be EXTREMELY heavy on the Skilled Trades side where the bulk of the tables will be dealing with specifically different fields within the trades culture. This is us GIVING the children what they want and need. This is us knocking all of the excuses off the table on why these kids graduate from high school and migrate straight to their parent’s couch.

This is us also presenting to them the different variables of a given specialty field. This program understands that even though we can organize and structure a very potent program, we understood that we needed TRUE specialist to interact with these children and give them the ins and outs. We do this by bringing in the industry leaders in the state of Michigan to man over 75 interactive stations to help them understand the dedication and the application of technique as well as fundamentals to be a true force in their respected fields. This first program brought in over 1,600 children within the 8th grade through the 12th grade. The effects of this program have been seismic.

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