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Inspiring the Promise of Youth and Enhancing the Power of Community

The Ascend Foundation
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This is a career day that is designed to take professionals from multiple various career backgrounds to come in and do what they do best, teach and talk about their careers. This event is designed to be a full day of the career experience. This is achieved by a revolving door of children rotating throughout the day to various rooms with professionals waiting in them. This is done like a college schedule rotation.

This rotation is done every 40 minutes to give them a good intimate interaction yet not fry their brains by keeping them confined to long in one setting. This becomes specialized and streamlined by pulling the counseling staff in to help them gravitate these children to some of their potential interest when we establish scheduling. The other events give a good introduction to the craft or school with an extended hand with financial resources. This program gives them the 3-D interaction.

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