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This is a GROUND BREAKING Program that is geared to prepare children and adults on how to conduct themselves in an interview as well as structure on how to build a resume as well as appropriate business etiquette. This program is a 3 step process that was administered to every junior in Pontiac School District.  


Step 1: We do multiple workshops in which we will break the whole junior class into groups to do an interactive session that is geared to be very hands on and an outright fun way of teaching our youth about the art of INTERVIEWING and ETIQUETTE!!! 

Step 2:  We perform our mock interviews in which we brought in one POWERFUL GROUP OF PROFESSIONALS (CEO’s, Politicians, Corporate Directors, Managers and Business Owners) who run different interviewing stations within a various period. 

Within this period, they were scored and critiqued on their performance and given individual constructive encouragement on how to strengthen their abilities. This progress is then placed into their senior exit package for next year.  We will then COME BACK NEXT YEAR and do the very same program to do a comparison and contrast to track the child’s progress!!! 


Step 3: we have an interactive assembly with all of the 11th graders that participated in the program earlier in the week and we dug deep into some of the children: questions, concerns and techniques to develop them into FORCES OF NATURE when they walk out of high school.  THEY ARE PREPARED!!! THERE IS 2 INTERVIEWING TRAINING AND FOCUS:  11th Grade is the Basic Interview Introduction and Training, 12th Grade is the Behavioral Interviewing Training.  There is an adult version of this program that we have created as well to be administered to corporations as well as college students.

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